Vicky Law



A series of five behind-the-scenes videos for Instagram, showcasing the run-up and prep that goes into a NYFW runway show, especially for a house from LA.

ROLE: Producer


Behind-the-scene videos for advertising campaign shoots used for website and social content.

ROLE: Producer


Created a story to showcase a new perspective on an existing product line. Story was carried from online (blog) to showroom for a "omni" experience. It served also as a selling tool, as it incorporated the revamped 3D configuration web experience.

Full blog series

Virtual Walkthrough

ROLE: Creative director, strategist


Produced video for social, blog and sales reps to show brand value and differentiation. Story focus is on the handcrafted nature and quality of the furniture, and meticulousness and experience of our production line.

ROLE: Producer, creative direction